some  how, proly by way of folks shopping  until dropping  from  extra low priced items  being sold off for christmas  window filling and  prw  holiday mayhem.

i hope everyone had a lovely holiday yesterday.

is  a time of   commercialism at its best..or worst.  thank gods i dont have that to deal  with here.

my kind of black friday is an i miss my brother  kinda   day.

with rain and  wet everywhere.

the  sky is crying, but it is crying because sandra is   pissing on mexico.  she is quite beautiful, but……she is still a storm with a name.  she actually ot to  cat 4 status out in the  deep blue sea, and is aimed at mazatlan.  glad i didnt  get there yet. i have friends  spending the cane time in san blas,mx, for  bottom work.   woulda loved to be there when they are, but the   repairs on  this boat aint  working in  timely  fashion.

i still need mast(mizzen)  stabilized–yes there is rot below spreaders andit is   significant now.. wasnt there last year.  ok

and i neeed to tune rig some–it is  floppy.   ggrr…but cannot do that here..

and i need   to  find me some  decent jerry jugs for my  deck stored diesel fuel, so i  am able to make mazatlan without stopping for  refueling.

and i need my engine man and an electrickeryman here to   ready those parts for  travel. that has been arranged, now pending

and do daily need stuff….  and  rent  goes out of wak in december, so i need to fix before december…  1400 usd monthly  isnt  conducive to repairing and   using dock space for prep. ok.

and so promises of help fail.

no one shows up.

folks have lives of their own,and i am seeking someone, a mcguyver, without  a life yet is  decent human for  accompaniment–and hopefully the   individual hasnt 20  voices  saying to kill me, as last one  fun and  exciting…and hopefully  someone  willbe able to troubleshoot problems as they arise–no i donot  count on  way too much, do  i….

and so i am prepping with help  at intervals from  locals,  but they, too, have lives and homes to repair and ……

and so   i am trying my best to  get ready to leave a  lovely safe and definitely  overpriced dockage to   travel a shiplet to  mazatlan with issues.  ok.   we see if we live thru this…and succeed in further travels  and repairs as we go.   at present  that future is unknown, if   available.

we only have today. we all know this.