we workin on leaving for mazatlan and  repairs.


so we have the carpenter for the boom and   we have consult for stabilization of  mizzen  while underway….

we have inspected the  packing unit and the stern tube and tested the cutlass bearing.   ok….  still need to pack the unit,  but have packing and  we get it done before departure..

engine still pending, and electricals still pending. just need to coordinate this with 3  people..   not so easy..

and computer in  shop will be 60 usd to repair..  and hotspot is 800 pesos, similar in price, so all is well there–and with the way wifi here is going,  hotspot is needed to  make up  for the loss of an antenna serving marina.   funny that   this  problem has not been addressed nor considered in their  alleged search fro the problems with the wifi post patricia..   it  WAS working well until then..i pick up  hotspot puter today and pay for paarts for   my good puter which decided to quit working at 11 months of age….

so.. with limited  moneys and with limited  help, i am progressing on my list of  gotta be  fixed before departure items  of catastrophic fail…   seems like a lot, but actually is only   a few  things, but necessary.  i will   replace the lost and broken items   from cane as i go, it seeems, as i am not able to absorb those losses into my already overtaxed budget AND prep fro departure. this will limit my  ability to anchor out–no ladder no anchoring..simple..

i was able to , with assistance of donors,  help with the repair of   2  necessary for fishing and income generation outboard engines  injured in the  storm, and re roof one house. i wish i coulda done more,  but , with limited  moneys and limited donors, that aint happening.   we did what we could and that feels   ok.

thankyou to those who donated. it helped a lot.  roof on one home and  2 engines done so work can be   done.


how does one broken human  triage the need for  roofs when an entire town has lost   theirs???    we did by youngest kids in home.  that one was roofed.   instread of buying  a boarding ladder for birdee–(mine  was crushed by  bird against dock after patty baby’s eyeball passed  over us..) i helped an outboard be repaired. one family gets to make  income   immediately post patricia.. has been a hard recovery.   govt sed no damages no casualties, but the reality is different.

yes i said 2  were fixed–one from donations and one  fromm y own pocket, as donors for the ref=roofing oof colimilla   has  not been received wiell by potential donors. probably because mex govt said no  damages bno deaths, which was   beyond wrong.  oops..  only so much  one disabled woman  can do.  this is why i  will wait a ladder for merely boarding and disembarkin gmy boat.  these folks  need roofs. makes my reality a lil absurd on occasion.


NOW i prep  birdee and  we gonna try   err we gonna leave barrra in end dec to mid jan sometime….  as soon a s stuff is stabilized and repairs are finished.

the pricing in marinas is variable here –in mazatlan in winter, my rent , long term, is 400 usd monthly..  big difference from the  1400  usd  that they want here….  summer in maz is  24 cents per foot per day–works out to being under 300 usd monthly  for my boat…    biiig difference from the 450 here.  yeah so the cane hole in   maz isnt nearly as cool as here–but….

and so i will remain in  mazatlan mebb e2 yrs mebbe 3 for  complete repairs to my  poooor    old boat….  she is a good solid hull and basically comfortable..just needs a lil reconfiguring and reduction in numbers of broken  items, with a  slight   addition of   thing that work …then we go south again.

the rigger in mexico is inla cruz de huanacaxtle.  peter. he is excellent.

in barra area is THE diesel mechanic one needs  to keep a boat in  good shape)(diaz in joluco an dmanzanillo). also electrickeryman(chebio from cihuatlan) and  injector pump rebuilder (javier in casimira costillo).  some cruisers think this is a vacation only locale–is kinda, but there  are   those  who are able to do reasonably priced work without removal of parts to ensure  immediate return for more abuse. sorry i donot   condone that method of operations.   that is  something brought here by gringos, not   done by locals who donot speak english.

and so far i have met  4   good  carpenters. one is making my mizzen boom, and one is  consulting my stabilization issue…

i have had a  bilge pump rebuilt..  whooot, and  i have had my engine  rebuilt and injector pump and injectors and rewiring limited done.. these folks are awesome and smart.   good history for over  30 yrs ..even to include shrimp boats. good work and not pricey.

and so we prep.

poco a poco until time to  get away….ohmy that time is coming   like NOW…