20151231_144233we still readying for departure  to mazatlan.    we have found so many  things needing repair  so badly.

i need to stabilize mizzenmast so we can motor under  jib and main..mizzen will be stabilized. i removed the heavy  stuff from mizzenhead–mount and windmill i still have   epoxying of cracked mast to effect, and clamping of it for a coupla  days..

when  i removed the windmill, i should have  taken pix of the  connections. err lack thereof. and i wondered why it didnt work after patricia– the  wires were not connected but, rather, tied into a knot. ok. and the   gasket to keep out weather was not correctly  installed,leaving big gaps in  the waterprufing. hhhmmm…… seems someone took apart the unit and failed to  make sure this was done correctly, so i think i need to    find another unit.  we will see when they are tested  once i  arrive in mazatlan.   ultimately i will   again   have 2  installed and working along with my solar generation.

found a  charger invertor   to  finish out my  electrics–i  still need to relocate the panel but i   found that grail i been seeking– and at a reasonable price. whooot.   the electrickeryman is the best in mexico, so i am in good hands.  chebio  from cihuatlan. awesome.  he is   good friends with my engine man, diaz, from joluco and manzanillo.  and they are  buddies with my  injector pump genius, javier in  casimira castillo.

the first 180 miles is the bitch in this   treck.   there is no where to duck into if there  occurs a situation we fix at sea.  i am taking with me a diver and mcguyver mexican, and i am seeking one more  to  sail  via motor  to go with. i have asked my mechanic  a she is   the  creator of this engine which has fewer than 10 hours on it to accompany, we see. not answered yet.

new year transitioned in with the  fireworks i forgot to   fotograf, as i was in bed already, and cat wasnt interested…    music until 0700 from late in dark.,   celebration  means just exactly that in mexico.  was a good way to  go to sleep.  cat  didnt wanna sleep with me, so he found a berth to enjoy solo, with eyes on me and   entry  to boat. good kitty.

we will pack the  rudder post box and  shaft stuffing box and head out into wild blue yonder of wetness.  spot works.


donot know  when we leave–will prolly anchor a  short time as 2 weeks is  almost now..eeps.. hard to herd cats in high season, and my  electrickeryman  is on vacation until 7th…  tight, but good.download.png