almost payday with  need to depart from here and   things yet undone.

dink on coachhouse roof,  ready to leave,  just need  filling of   water tanks and  2 more   jugs for fuel–15 gal each.   then we  WILL get to mazatlan without   TOO many issues..mebbe.  oh yeah and a few other ..insignificant  .hahaha .. things

have cat food for 1.5 months,  just need   marlin tailmeat for the spoiled cat… he will have to do without, as i am NOT catching one of those

hopefully   with me as crew will mebbe  be mechanic, and  beto.. if i can afford carlos also,  yes.. working on that…will be a pricey  trip, if i have 3 on board besides me n  bubba

still  debating whether i can  pay crew and  marina and eat and cat food, or if i have to anchor out a month in the  old harbor anchorage…..

spot is activated and ready… fone numbers have been given to  the receiving end of this adventure, and i will warn em of my departure when that happens….i dont want to  remain anchored here  long after i leave marina, as i havent the   tool at my disposal to refill tanks with tap water until i rebuild em–now is only  fro washing. i carry garafones  of water  when i travel    for drinking, which are delivered to boat.

jus tneed the remaining   things repaired and   provisioning, and out the   lagoon for  mazatlan or wherever the sea gods want to  have me go…