ok… stressors..

time frames and schedules–because they limit your ability to herd cats successfully, as they refuse to herd…

nothing happens to a clock.

weather does not  hie to a schedule.

there is something  telling me quite loudly–a gut feeling– that i am not to leave  here yet, despite my dire need to do so.   there is a reason i am still finding  things done  that were geared   for catastrophic  fail.  my boat speaks  to me with   frightful accuracy.

now it seems oil pan  screwloose-itis?, with bilge blackosis.   ok.  so i only cleaned it well    5 times in  past  3 years. ok i guess it is time, yet again.

as i  dislike dwelling on past   stuff, it is difficult for me to  think the   person who was here  for 6 months  befouling my boat, doing exactly opposite that which i requested be done  was  actually  really  and truly here only to    hurt me and my boat and cat.  (could be why , when i sed we leave next week, he ran like stink the flock out of dodge with my lil  smartfone, including all my contact numbers and such unimportant  stuff).

but most of that has been repaired–  i still find  things  meant to severely  impair  me and my effort  through  murder of my boat.

ok so we got it down to only  8 million stressors  remaining  in my daily life—and dammit my bilge smells like rotting diesel and rotting  bilgewater, despite rose  soap….  yummmmy…  but, why now??it never ever did this before…not even during runaway.

yeah i am on this…would love to be able to reach  far enough to be able to take a pic of underneath engine…..without dropping fone into wet nasty  bilges…

this afternoon we do  soap and dock water  wash n rinse with  a second  person and   broom as brush.

whoooohoooo…  each one means one less to  have to locate and repair…and hopefully ability to  depart sooner than …..

but only   when that  gawdawful  feeling of impending doom leaves.

i have never  had this before a passage  prior to now.  not even  when i  should have, i didnt– this is odd..


and i am still awaiting my boom,  the  epoxy and  helper n clamps to climb and fix  mast, and repacking of   stuffing boxes, shaft and rudder.

i will run the  mizzen halyard forward to redirect the   upper mast away from cockpit if the  ungodly happens. we are continuing to  get done that which is needed to fly away.  we wont fly too  far of shore nor too close in, we wont fly    with  daring and  pizzazzz, but as a death run , or  hail mary run to mazatlan for repairs that are  much needed in a limping   and   somewhat disabled boat, which we are   searching thoroughly for potential fail points an repairing before departure–is 180 miles of   no where  to  duck into on an uphill leeshore run.   whooot.

so–the first 180 miles ‘ll kill ye, then the second 120 miles to  mazatlan  from banderas bay will do ye in….no problem.

what can go wrong….

yes i still have a momma, and she only has  3 of us left, so i have to remain safe.

oops.  .