ok so  we tried for 7 days to  start engine.   we have rebuilt, yet again the injector pump, no joy.

ok i see.

we need a new one???  or is this something different?   i saw the  vent was filled with diesel fuel–that could be an issue— but…..

so we will change out vent hosing or  empty it of diesel, we have already  re rebuilt injector pump.

we have   rebuilt the lift pump that chukkee the devilboy  saw fit to dismantle, causing the   diesel leakage that    convinced me to remain here until the sabotage  he effected  has been addressed and reversed.  i have no death wish.

no joy, only  fumes   despite having  over 300 liters of fuel.  and now installed racor….and….asthma.

ok.   albuterol and  beclamethasone and improvement  but still have death rattle cough.

this is flustrating, as i   do need to relocate boat for   repairs unable to be   effected here.

is only 300 miles uphill   for repairs i can afford.  oops .

i am almost convinced i may never leave here–how does that song go–you  can check in but you  will never leave….

buying new injector pump will mandate my  remaining for   i donot know how many more months so i can pay for it and move without losing ability to feed cat and self.   this is more entertaining   each time, isnt it… so many things,  so few repairs that work.

juggling  the pricey renta here with purchases of  equipment is a challenge, at best… i am   so  ready to go–iff only this boat would cooperate–what does it know i do not???