The conditions of a solitary bird are five: First, that it flies to the highest point. Second, that it does not seek after company, not even its own kind. Third, that it aims its beak to the wind. Fourth, that it has no definite color. Fifth, that it sings very sweetly. (John of the Cross: Sayings of Light and Love)


seems there was a man who used to own this boat, yet no name of his is on any records other than a  survey, named this boat solitary bird. i met this man in  la cruz de  huanacaxtle,  as he owned a restaurant named evas brick house  while i was there.

i thought i already  posted this but i cannot find it, so i repeat this .

don juan de mateus/don juan of the 11800181_982504901781456_972189824219480821_ncross  wrote 5   points/conditions  of solitary bird.

depending on whose translation is used.

another translation:

The conditions of a solitary bird are 5. The 1st, it flies to the highest point, The 2nd, it does not suffer for company, even of its own kind, The 3rd, it aims its beak to the sky, The 4th, it has no definite color, and The 5th- it sings very softly.”

i prefer the translation i  first posted, as i am in no manner soft—  singing sweetly is something birdee does, however.

she does wear her name well