and so it goes, como normal…

because i  chose to await a mechanic who has   reliability issues i didnt know about until i   was waiting for nothing, i am still here.   with an air leak size of teejasss…..  denied by the  kid mechanic who installed   said air leak.


so NOW we have an older  fella who is    finding  the necessary items for the uninstallation of said air leak so i can have a turn key engine WITH a racor in place.

THEN, as my  financial window has slammed in my face, i get to await the reopening of same,   to plan my  exit from here   to correlate with   incoming    monthly deposits.


so we should be in mazatlan   mid april.

and before i leave i still need to    re-arrange my battery charging capabilities as my cranking battery only charges  with an external charger, not     by alternator . ggrrrrr.. that individual  who insisted on coming here     did a lot of damages, still being found.

ok so.. i  only need an electrician.

and my charger invertor is still with  my   very busy  electrician.

is only money..

ha ha ha ha ha ha

anyway–we will be leaving here   to get to mazatlan for repairs so necesaary.

we will be in mazatlan this summer

is only a matter of when can i leave here and safely make it to my destination.

seems weather and financial  windows do not open at same times……..