with   a blown out    headsail, and  a  slightly  quirky  otto pile it, which  decided to   quit for  48 hours.

life is a fun  place.  sometimes  we get some interesting  events to play with.

and sometimes we get to   make   a new location    without   any  problems.

this  run was  expected to be worse than it was,  but it wasnt.

first half was  different  than second half, but bubba was happy enough and the boat managed to make it to mazatlan   without   submarining, so now we can  get repairs   begun.

we got into isla marina just in time for the blues party   at the palapa.  that was fun- food and    limonada natural and friends.   excellent music.

seems one of the band, the awesome guitarist, john,   has health issues and is    fading out from cancer.  that is sad. he is a good  guitar player. makes that thing sing.

a good time was had by all.

so we recover until time to repair    this  boat.   the fiurst thing shoul dbe  electrickery , which needs to relocate itself befoe i can step my mizzen mast, and the  toilet seat failed. ok.. so i needed a new one for ever, now i   will  replace with new toilet.

so many things to do and so much exhaustion from trip.

sleeeeeppp   sounds   sooo  gooood……