seems  motivation, or motorvation, is one of the most difficult   concepts  i have   to overcome, as i have    very little at present.

i seriously miss my brother.   i   did much  because of  him– sent pix–yeah those were for   donny, not for me.   wanted to show him   how fun life could be.

well. yes life is fun. was a lot funner when i could share with my brother what i was up to.

i really miss him.  i didnt realize how much of my  motivation was    so i could show  donny what i was doing.   we shared many moments in life, whether we were   in same location or distant.  now he is gone.  with him seems to have  gone much of what drove me thru life.

plans always change

i am sitting here  now wondering how to manage my   finances and  haulout fees–  damn they high now…i hope i can manage to pull her out  of the water before birdee presents with serious issues  requiring  immediate    hauling.  i also need to repair that which broke on our trip  here from barra.  we blew out the  genoa on our way here, and  temporarily lost fluxgate compass  of autopilot. now i get to learn why that happened.

i went door to door   comparison shopping–it seems   the only way i can afford to haul out is if i careen somewhere or  head to guaymas, which i been  avoiding like plague.   desert doesnt agree with me, and allergy pills here are not  the kind i can use.  oops.

the only positivities i can  see immediately   in heading to guaymas would be  being able to haulout cheaply   and rent a place during the   work,  and  potentially visit with momma occasionally, as usa is only 5 hours away, and momma even closer in goodyear.  if i could convince momma to visit, she could ruffle bubbas furrzz with her  fingers. he is sooo soft.    funny how he grew so  much after leaving   san diego.  his vet in sd   weighed him in at 16.5 pounds with admonishment to have him lose weight–  but he wasnt fat. he IS maine coon mix, and now weighs in at a  very skinny 17.2 pounds, bone and skin with a lot of furrzzz.   i love huge cats. the only   disadvantage  to a large kitty is  stuffing his butt into a carrier.  seems he will no longer   submit to that treatment.  patricia cane scared him seriously.  he doesnt mind a tote bag, heavy  and canvas. there was room in it for him   wrapped somewhat in a towel  with his   heavy duty harness and  his tether.   he   was soooo very good in the taxi and in vet office and    on return he was out cold.   would look up at me  when i was carrying him home. his teeth are   good–one is broken, but not dangerously so, and  now all have  no plaque. that was sooo ugly and he was getting  sick from it, so it was way past time.

la jungla veterinaria is the best vet–  dr rafael used to be a dockmate  when we were first here. bubba had gone once to his office, but prefers to remain on boat..   i was able to hold him until he went  to sleep for his    treatment.  the  adventure was   as painless an d trauma free as possible.   so many vets   have ye not assist with yer own scared critter, and that increases trauma to that critter logarithmically. in sd,  they would   pull him away from me and  carry his scareded screaming  toothy and shreddy self into a back room, wondering why he was so  agitated.   he only likes and trusts me. no one else.

i had a lovely  vet in long beach   many years ago who allowed me to hold my  cats when   i took em in for exams– that made life  so much easier than listening to the scared screaming from another room.  that noise is unnecessary, yet seems to be the song of the people of  the   vets waiting room. oops.  i gauge my   willingness to visit a vet  by the noises i hear from the back of the   vet office.

ok so i got cat   attended to, now i  just need to   gather my  motorvashuns together to manage my own life and birdee

.  but it is so much easier to do  stuff when there is someone ye show off for.  dammit i miss my brother.  we donot know how much we miss another until there is no  option for ever meeting up again.


love my new boom. isnt it lovely wood?? is perota, aka  ipe, or huanacaxtle wood. i want the other horizontal spars of it also.  beautiful stuff and makes for a sweet appearance.