fun title, isnt it.. just dreamed it up as  bubba came to  lie down next to me for a bit.

ok so i  went into cockpit after  opening the engine   flow seacock. ok.   now w eturn on engine..

first   partial cranking, we has lift off..  might be a  whopping  half second after turning key we on and running sweetly and smoothly as    purrfect engines are prone to doing.

ok time to check water  out exhaust.  we has water–good flow.



not  spozed to has propwash while in neutral.  ok now what is wrong.. we must examine this.  so we  leave it as is and  grab a neighbor   as consultant–  hell it is obvious the issue– so he confirms it–i enjoy witnesses.

sometimes.  when they are necessary.


and then we add  tiempo aire to the fone so we can use the damn thing.  long story behind this one– coming down to telcel gals  terminating my service now 3 times  after i  had bought it… totalling 900 pesos  in their own pocket, not telcels.  there is a part of govt for this, and htis is  how i am  gonna proceed after bringing  it to attention of the   other telcel   managers in another   office.

(seems i am not the only one to experience  issues. all other gringos  have complained of service only lasting 2 weeks when   it should have lasted 4.  common complaint here in gringo ville….  speels scam to me. and on we go.

and so….  finally i have  air time on my  fone–i wanted to say hay to momma  on her poppas birthday and i wanted to call for  dentist appointment–and other   reasons, but kept   finding fewer and fewer minuets on my fone each time i went to the tel cel   office in liverpool mall. i hope any  one reading these words will go to the other office not so convenient to  gringoville, as you are also being  robbed.  as there is no money to go hand to hand, these are converting the minutes you buy  after you leave, into their own. three times of three, i went in, paid  dough got receipt went to the  number 24 window i was assigned and  had same exact thing happen–  receive  notice the   service was purchased and activated, then about half hour later, in spanish comes the message  the  service has been terminated. prior messages have been deleted.   nothing  not even regalo   left in fone.  they strip yours and take it as theirs.  fun.  and so  i need to  use the channels proscribed to report the issue to the feds so no more turistas are molested by this  issue.)

back to the point….. so we has prop wash, not spozed to happen and is brand new issue.. ok.

so i call benjamin, the mechanic recommended by a few  with whom i have chatted including my friend here.  he was here today diagnosed  clutch issue, forward clutch. ok is affordable….   he will  remove  tranny after  boat is relocated by tow to the  slip in which it is spozed tobe.

nothing ever works when you wanna move–only when boat wants to move.parts break in my sleep–but boat is 40 yrs old and has had a  unique history

so monday we move boat via tow  from marina to the slip i need to occupy, which was same one i had before dock was repaired…..

ok so next month–bicycle(cheap  mountain   type–many  gears and  decent off road tires for sploring and shopping here) and   electricos and  transmission.

mebbe shoes for  my birthday.  mebbe.


and i hope no mas de musical chairs here…….