everything is   of 3 s…   breakage is always 3  things never less.. ok

so we played musical chairs for a while,  tranny  died and      fixed,  packing gland repacked and isnt  sinking boat so fast anymore, yaaaayyyy….. and   another–which deserves a  long story paragraph of its own!!  this morning we   replaced bird into her  regularly scheduled slip.   good girl did well.

the gods of practical joking and guardian angels   must have worked some major magic, as    somehow this boat got from barra de navidad to  mazatlan without a fuel pump of any kind   functioning  except injector pump.

no my tanks are not above level of engine.  on contrary, it is below  the  level of engine.  sooooo… what massive miracle  conjured up  by  what witch or warlock or alien  unknown  made this boat get from point  a to point b  some 300 miles and 3 re starts later????

the surging sound   started immediately  upon leaving sight of barra lagoon.   hhmmmmmmmmmm

if i scratched my  head any more on htis, i would have no hair.

impressive. i am incredibly thankful to  what ever  made us   able to get here…

the electric assist pump  was no longer pumping fuel….

this is a  total  puzzlement.  the lift pump is a dismantled mess  that i requested repaired in barra, but mechanic said NO(no this is not diaz, but the honda guy..ha h aha ha )… ok. i love it when   mechanics    actually do that which  i request.

the surging rpms sound we kept hearing    was   lack of fuel delivery. perhaps the engine  was pumping fuel into  the injector pump –but how did i manage a restart    4 more times, much less arrive   in the marina under my own power???..

magic. dang.

and so i now  have a rebuilt tranny., a new  fuel pump, and   new packing gland stuffing ,.  we only sinking a  few drips  each  minuet now.  not  lots like    for a few days ..   that was    too reminiscent of   san diego  when there were three kids pissing in bilges constantly and i needed to pump every 4- 6 hours  or bounce off the mud below boat.  (why i had diver stuff toilet seal wax into the shaft log!)

i am still impressed with making it here without a  lift pump or electrical  assist pump   functioning.  wow.  something was with us.

i am now  back in my regularly scheduled slip awaiting  the boat to let me know what she wants done before the electricity is changed and improved and messed with  which precedes  the stepping of mizzen, as electricity is    affixed to mast-the bus bars (real smart set up, not) , which  precedes any repairs to  the beam under the mizzen…   and all the other   repairs and modifications i  need and want to   complete before again sailing  south.  whew   tired just thinking about the repairs  to come.  and now i have a  nice elect pump,  we will rebuild the  lift pump  so we have alternatives–never to use both at same time.

i think i will take today off.

i need to figger out why the  engine was able to get here without  any lift pump or elect assist pump functioning…   curiouser and curiouser   this puzzlement.   this must be  why the gods made  flash drives with   movies and stuff on em for entertainment.

bird out