dodged another bullet with a name on it— patricia got me n bubba a lil anticipatory of these… anyway– hardly a sailing breeze, i think it was kept under 40 kts, here, and, in general, thank the sea and weather and all the gods it was a nonevent for mazatlan, except for the flooding.
baja on the other hand~~got slammed.
all baja sur , both sides of the peninsula. i have yet to hear anything. i hope the folks in la paz and area were appropriately prepared this time.
between bubba n me, and this boat, we have experienced a month of maladies. bubba seems mostly cured, just needs more advantage multi for his having been gifted fleas by a dock cat with indoor cat status envy who chose to sleep and pee on our home in protest of our arrival on dock 6.
and i am improving .. was bad for a moment.
ok so i am on dock 7 for cane newton. we dodged that bullet, and i hope i can convince em to allow me this slip until they allow me onto dock e, where i belong. i need repairs , not social life.
this life is awesome.