getting repairs effected–have new tank, working on fuel delivery and mobility, then branching out into electrickery and mast stepping..need to remove em both, repair under mizzen and in the termite corner, as i call it–the only place where i donot know what is happening, and in other formosa/cts is riddled with termites.
is a huge dark unknown hole with a defective icebox box inside. that will be removed and dispo’d for working in that hole from hell.
so for now all we have to do is wonder how mazatlan is gonna come thru this massive overhaul under way. is impressively complex and has impacted all of mazatlan and outlying areas.
oh yeah and bubba has a much disliked companion these days—was a lil tiny scared brown furry thing under a car, now is a larger pita black kitten with sharp claws and good teeth. cute lil feller…. chico is his name. oh but he is not black–he is mackerel tabby, black and smoke. no white at all. one wonky eye. eats everything. whew.. so he will eat bubbas untouched foods when bubba is not wanting to eat whatever his favorite was last week.