been working for a year or actually more  on  trying to replace my  wifi booster antenna. seems folks cannot   possibly listen or read properly without  presuming the  stuff i want is what they presume it to be and all hell breaks loose.

mayhem  after mayhem and now i am  here with a windoze 10 monster that is incompatible with everything.  so was my  chromebook, but that was understood hahahahaha this windoze not compatibilizing is waaay new and unheard of.


so i am  searching still for a  good antenna. i might have one that might be compatible with windoze 10  at some time before i croak.  if i am  lucky.  hahahahaha

bubba is good. chico is a  mayhem maker feng shui  changer  meddlesome lil  normal   kitten.

we are

still alive despite  sketchy at best interwebzzz.