ima slakkah.  ok sorry i havenot kept up..many reasons  most specifically our    failed quality of wifi connections of   the past   year and half.   has improved some–oxccasionally i am able to have a  few minuets of   connectivity…   has grown into many days in sequence of connectivity  and almost good, as long as i have and use my   antenna.

i also didnt have  updatable info.   oopsy.

so, what we doing~~~

we measured for  a stovetop to be made to sit   gimballed in the  stove well with my cute   fridge(120v) under it.

we have received many parts    to   use in creation of  electrical panel

we watched as cat grew from  cute lil sad kitten into  larger   happy   soft critter with 5  sharp pointy  edges, and no fear of using those   sharpnesses.  bubba still hates him but wants his  whining to stop  …  he is settling down some–bubba, not chico

chico calls  for bubba and  for me.  bubba lets me know when it is for me.


finally converting   boat shading system to  winter   mode from  summer mode.  more screen less   tarp.

the new  acrylic/polycarbonate/wtf  transparent  panels i  had  installed into my overhead hatches in  forepeak and my  masterberth are  success–more light and not need electricity or  knowledge of  braille.   historically , pitch/tar is   lighter than the   interior of my forepeak,  so this   modification is  most welcome.

finding more  disimprovements in sole framing, and    learned what is eating my  holly strips  …not pleased nor a mused, but also not surprised.

MIGHT break down and buy a  hand held vhf so i know what is  happening and if , just in case,  someone tries to get in touch with me. (i missed the first swap meet~), or in the  event i might need to   notify anyone of anything  semi important

yeah . our life rocks.   we has shrimp and dorado and sea bass   and pargo delivered to our parking lot, fresh , for purchase, and veggies and fruits, on mon and weds during high season…. bubba says itis fresh and then ate like  piggy.  good bubba.  chico loves fishies as welll..   he better, it was deelishuss.    and the shrimpies. bubba  refuses those but  chico says   i will do his rejects also momms….   sooo..   i get to fight chico for shrimpies  and dorado.   and he likes sashimi dorado as wellas cooked,   como  bubba.   monsters i have created.


birdeee…..  she is enduring as projects   continue to slowly  not only   continue but   pop up … oopsy…hahahaha is a boat.   so we just buy more of whatever we need and go for the entire  issue no bandaids.

but that is why we are here…..

and for the lulls we have binge watching of gunsmoke to do …..allll   9900000 seasons of the long running show.