chico is still destroying all within his power–the power of a kitten now almost  err   is  this month 1 yr old.   how time flies..from   under car cat aged 2 months  to  spoiled fat 1 yr old   rambunctious lil black streak  …   thankfully no longer  hiding in bilges, but wants to return   to that dark   place occasionally.   he still hides under toilet when wanda  arrives hahahaha..he is getting used to my workerbee… thankfully.

so we have a stainless fuel tank in place, we are prepping for    mizzen  and main mast stepping, and we are   awaiting  new stainless steel stovetop under which  i plan on placement of 120 v a cute lil thing.   mint green, the classic proudly written across its   upper front.  …  worthy of understove placement secured for travel.


what else did we accomplish las year…..  we repaired toilet a few times, hahaha normal wear n tear, old equipment… and we  placed tank for fuel and we  relaxed as we  dealt with health issues and boat   integrity.  plans made for   continuing  repairs.  my helper is   finally realizing we have WORK to do ..hahahahaha


finding  the right parts in mexico without paying duty.

ok so far no problem.   found  racor   500fg in manzanillo for   reasonable  pricing–in usa i was  overwhelmed with  the new part pricing.  inm anzanillo i bought  2  racor 500fg   for the price of one racor 500 in usa.   my win.  they are   so very handy in the face of dirty and  water invaded fuel.    replaced the  O~ring at   fill mouth and rebedded..  funny how less water  comes into the  tanks when the fill  is  properly installed.

still thinking  shape size and  function of  hard dodger..i like the   fisher   shaping… not   certain how that would  work. we donot generally receive   green water over bow  as far back as   cockpit or main sheet  traveller, which is  where the  forward aspect of dodger   would sit.

we have  most of parts for electrical panel relocation.. most necessary   before   removal of mast, as  the  negative bus bars are screwed into the wood mast.. oopsy.


bubba is finally recovering   from his stress of chicos invasion.  they  still fight on touch–bubba screams at chico when chico touches   bubbas part of him  and not fair game.  i think with 2   cats i will be   changing   to boda boxes (enclosed  house like litter pans system for both  of em.  whew.  those   have   limited  steenk escape with   filtration.   will make a   difference i think. will  start with 1   as they are a tad pricey.

marina mazatlan is  upgrading much and has  improved rest rooms, working on new machines for laundry room and   has locked all gates and installed  cameras to watch all come and go.   some restaurants came then went.  the  number of boats here this high season  appears  smaller than past years.  watching this , as improvements are underway.  there is even a beach club 2.2 km distant for our   use.  that is new since  2011. seems a tomato farmer ended the land war here by  buying it alll up , so it is all his now.  there have been  many changes  effected over past year here, inclusive of   infrastructure  repairs.   (is fun  hearing a 30 yr old marina being called the new marina..hahaha)

surprisingly fewer fireworks displays this   ny eve..was  quiet save for ambient music.

now i have   satellite radio.  big improvement.  i can hear music  without wifi.   hahahaha and catties have sounds   to  keep them  feeling secure in my absence.  spoiled lil guys arent they.   they ar ealso excellent workers. they constantly watch and  listen. when   dock water  exploded open  in the slip  across from  mine,  first chico, below waterline  heard it and yowled, then  bubba  heard it pop and  bit me  on my elbow, his warning    alert.  it was repaired without any down time. a  true miracle.  yes they both got treats and fishies for that ..good work.


no resolutions. is a schedule which is a dangerous thing on a boat.

happy 2018.