we are seeing now a  less vague time frame for stepping masts.   my worker says we can do it without    yard crane  in  dock e slip 2, where i want my boat to  sit for the rest of my repairs.

this will be interesting, and i donot  want to see it  but i need to watch hahahahahaaa  see trainwreck …

we still waiting on one part for the electrical panel, a  bilge pump   breaker and  switch by rule.. slow  to mazatlan.  seems parts were   shipped quicker to barra de navidad.  correo  is always an adventure.

we still awaiting the  final pieces of the  fuel delivery system so i can motor my boat   to the new slip instead of begging a tow.    this is  the flustrating part of   repairing,  parts arrivals do not always match the   plans laid  out by man.  hahaha or woman.  meanwhile as the m ast   shape changes….  how much of an S curve   can  a thai cedar mast tolerate before   breaking and falling on my head..oopsy… is already raining   rot shards  from crack at spreader.  i think my next mast will have  a   hail mary  measure incorporated in in case of fail.

my worker  says   no more than 2 months to   removal of masts mebbe 2 weeks.  ok, coool. it needs done   asap, so we working on the    issues  we need to   fix as we await delivery of parts.,

hope alla yez have a wonderful sailing  season. err snowy season. err.. whatever you are seasoning.

i think  i will season some to be orange ginger   sweet picante shrimpies.    slightly candied if i can pull it off….lemme see, i have honey,  shrimpies pobalanos  serranos onions garlic,  oranges limones…..  cilantro….  and butter.

for first time since i arrived in mexico my salt has clumped and will not shake out of the shaker.    time to return to using   fresh ground salt.

we on this…

AND  we  have   dorado for humans and cats.     fresh.   yummy.  bubba is telling me to get the lead out and give him sashimi  dorado NOW. he is a sweet kitty and does this by lying next to me purring.     chico  screams until i bend then   stands for a hug before he will shut down  his  soundbox..he has many   different sounds, accompanied   by abandonment issues. he is a sweet kitty.  each time i pass him he wants  picked up for  a hug.    he  grabs me   and hugs me, only problem is he uses   CLAWS!!!  which are uncomfortable where i still have skin intact.    he is learning, albeit slowly…..

i am being advised i am  late in preparing this   dorado sashimi and best be on it faster.   purrrrrr…….


hahahahahahaha  happy  day!!!