and so, yes we had a raton on our coachhouse roof.   thankfully he showed his lil self before trying to gain entry into  interior of boat. he was a cute lil  disease addled   thing with a scaly tail.   pretty coloring,  and   nosey. he tried   2 times to enter–   both times caught in the act.  he first appeared   when the field next to my boat   was   mowed and  raked. no more homes, seeking new ones,  found a plantain on my binnacle and the war began.

ok.  each of th e  3-4 days he  stayed on the roof  i washed  well  the roof and decks.   changed the screens and made sure all is well and intact.   checked the hawse cap for  tightness and weight.  washed the decks again.

my mechanic   brought  some    sticky   traps and i loaded  2 while wearing gloves and caught   the not so cute anymore critter last night and dispo’d it.

now cats are   weird.. they  each have a different reaction and response to this situation..  chico   gets excited and  runs like he was shot, and bubba lies down on top of the location   of the  intruder.   so between the 2, we deaded one rodent.   still donot trust the lil   guys, am  keeping traps ready and   watching closely and putting frisbies on my lines until i can  get rat  preventer cones.

and yeah i thought shorty was a good name for a cause of pestilence notorious world wide.


oh but they sooo cute…



oh yeah. carnaval begins tomorrow…..  week after carnaval we   de-mast this  boat.