so we finally have  removed mizzen for   repairing or replacement.    there  is a wood mast rebuilder here, so we  will try that. i love my thai cedar masts.. this   rebuilder has  thai cedar,  hard to find in mexico.

as for the condition of my   post patricia cane mizzen–wholly ships, mon.    the wood is as durable and solid and  hard as feathers.  oopsy.

yup i know when to remove a dangerous item from   boat….

so it now lies on my  dock finger next to my   shiplet, which popped up out of water 6 inches   astern.. was a  strange sensation to feel as it literally did pop out.  mast is 40 ft  length.

we continue the electrical panel work… and  fixing that   quadrant of boat  under old ice box, now black moldville…..