alllllright….sooo, as the great almighty and  above it all used  car errrr boat sales creep in mazatlan   is a  BULLY.  ok. so i boycott bullies.   since his wife  died, he has become more and more angry and  hate filled, spewing  noise and  anger at those who silently do their  living.  what a joik.

and so today was a swap meet… there were three    selling and few  passing thru.   i got a   seat for helm station, and i  found a   parts kit for  whale gusher  foot pumps.   score.   poifect.

for a week, there was nointertweb connectivity.   i  ran diagnostics and reconfigured  th ehell outta my computer only to learn it is  a compound  error between  over reconfiguring and   system fail, which is   denied.   it is your equipment is the  pat answer. hahahahaha   guess again.   we still have   S L O W    connectivity,  despite  4   lights on my  tplink pharos antenna.    and that is when the bully   disrupted my  reprogramming.


good thing i didnt reprogram antenna as i was gonna do –it did itself. is a magical  item and most helpful in   grabbing  connectivity and failing signals..   gunsmoke  with coffee is not the same as weather with coffee.  i prefer weather.

and so i   resubmit my  logins. only fail one is   sailnet. their security is tighter than that of the queens skivvies i swear.

got new to me mast  of wood from a  once  tour boat named  romance II  which broke up on the main beach here  when engine   glitch occurred in a strong  onshore breeze. they didnt stand a chance of recovery.  is a shame.    however the  masts and engines are saved and usable, so the spirit   continues….


and then there is chico da vato.  bubbas nemesis now  hisses at bubba,l and bubba swat chico.  is this a  pawsitive move or  ..

and  chicos ears…  now he is getting some strange skin colorations he didnot  used to have. his ears used to be pale skin, now  turning brown in splotches….. wierdo cattie.  he is also   getting   white furzz on his body.  didnot used to have that.   wierdo cat.  the pale  strips onhis head  in front of his ears are also  blotching brown..   as i said…..  meximultigene kitty