seems a    marina tenant has had a truck stolen

so she whined to folks about how  she is needy and  yadayadayada… so  even before i heard of her loss i tried to make a  visit with   contract for 1000s of dollars us   for work not just for me but for others.  total income for her would have been 10,000 usd.


so  when  i tried to meet and   speak with her she was nasty rude and   not civil.


so today i  see her again, and she is even ruder.


so she said  when addressed and proposal broached that she doesnot need the dough nor the work.


i had seen her  results and not been  enraptured with the   quality.  oops.

and so

as long as someone is opportuning a victimization, they need no clientelle.

woman said it from her own face.

“i donot need the money nor the work” quote  “banjo jane”


and so i gave   10,000 usd of work to local mexicans who welcomed it with open arms and huge hearty thankyous.

\gotta love   local  folks with good work ethic.

i so donot sympathize with   those holding victim mentality and shoddy work ethics and product.

as a 6 month visa holder she has no right to do any kind of work here.


sooooo  glad i didnot   become accessory to  enabling an illegal  activity.