i donot usually   ask  anyone for aid, but this  man has   experienced  grave losses in the past year,  beginning with irmacane and   subsequent   sequellae have created an uninhabitable situation.he has been  living in ghetto in ft myers   wherin his best friend, a furry  feline, was  brutally killed in front of him.   he   has   need of   specific medications    to treat some   psych/neurological issues, and   is   attempting to  make it on  less than 1000 usd  monthly, his ssdi allotment.

please   find it in your heart to  help with just a small donation to his cause. he just needs a leg up to recover from the   damages incurred in the hurricanes that  took him over the edge of   ability to are for self.

if 50 more folks  give  10  usd each his goal will be met.  is not much, and is sooo  needed.

this man never  has  asked for assistance,  i  pushed this on him.  please   lend him a hand   for   redirecting his life.  itis difficult to see clearly when there are  issues   preventing clear thought.   thankyou   for your   generosity  and   consideration.