take apart take apart   see    worker only once monthly on  a weds.. not cutting it.  request parts never seen.   am getting feeling  this is a  not gonna be done    effort. not happifying.

engine   pending controls  were  quested over  a  year ago.   gggrrrr.. still unseen still not ordered.

mast   stepped for repairs and r or replacement.   step  torn apart, is unrepaired    and continues  to remain unsafe for sea…    the fix also contains  the   repairs for the beam  securing packing gland.   oopsy.    need to effect repairs asap.  still waiting  , been  here 2 years already. yes i know…mexico.  BUTTTTT… even in mexico boats are   fixed   sooner than this one  ever will be,  \i truly donot wish to spend my last days in mazatlan.   dang.   i prefer the smaller towns and   fishing villages closer to manzanillo.

ok stop whining  shutup and do the work, yes?? hahahahaha

so i   am conversing with another local worker    who repairs boats.    we see  what  happens as a result.   yet another mexifriend spawned my  searching by  stating my worker  comes here once  every month on a weds. ok   we need to get a better record of repair    ….  hell we need to get  A record of repair…

the   waiting is such a  flustrating   experience as nothing   continues to  be  done……

hopefully soon that will be overcome.  crossing fingers and calling out workers….