yeah  i know we all doit.

i am and so is    slow   work  lack of progress… but we all know that just before 5  things are completed,  there    pervades a feeling of  aintgettinthere….

searching fo r a  halper is not   working.  so scratch that idea…

repairing mast may work for a few years… after then i may need a house with dock.   they donot  truly exist here unless  one is friendly with an  owner of a condo and has no boat….these donot exist at all in mazatlan, unless one owns not a sailboat but  a small speedboat for fishing. they are all way too pricey anyway….

and so we fix boat looking forward to   leaving mazatlan.. prolly in another short 2 or 3 years..damn long time.

the cats are happy. they get dorado every week…..  and cat food with that extra lovely protein….boys are spoiled.


soon.    hahahahahahaha…and so we repair and repair and   …..