ok so today we    checking rig and  wires,   only to find we would notta made it to next  destination with intact mizzen even after  repairs..

ok  ..

twing twang pop    would a  rebroken mizzen.  so we changing out ALL    the   standing  rigging of mizzen. cores of cables are   rustedy and bustedy this also   causes me to stop and think perhaps it is a good idea to  step mainmast to repair and  maintain   so all can be done despite  the  lacking skill level here…


and so…  cleaning rig  wires is a  grande idea–  hopefully my rig is   worthy  after  the   repairs, as i do wish to sail more…..

now to find    replacement   cables…..

and more chainplates forward, gonna be  external….


glad  friends  were not given headaches from their  mayhem..   and glad i am  inspecting mine before restepping mast