seems our  alleged worker has become  entrenched into marina mafia  issues and   now   charging   much higher rates than  agreed upon in original   deal.   funny how working within marina mafia  controlled   companies has   changed his   outlook.  now we need  someone who can do these  jobs    for the  agreed upon  fees.

the rate of return here is 98 percent,  aka 98 percent failure at sea.   wow impressive isnt it.  and for this   the workers  demand   more than   agreed upon and    demand no   accountability.   so.   our goal is to  repair that which can be repaired fore transiting to another locale for    completion of this  massive project.  yeah i picked wrong city for repairing. this is essentially a border town  as shown in their   attitude   towards   people  in general–transients donot need to have good works done  to their   equipment     as   there is no responsibility factor    in the mix.

the best electrician is located in cihuatlan, some 300 miles south of here, as is the    injector pump repair man and  the   good engine builder. i came to mazatlan for the use of   yard on  south side of town, and for use of   reasonable repairing…   no longer available here.   the flustration is    in the    creation of a working   propulsion  system,  both sail and  machine.   sail is in  repair  shop and   masts and booms are  being repaired most slowly.

ancillary issues develop as  waiting is  the only    activity  in mazatlan.

ships and sailors rot in port.

mechanics here are dime a dozen but skill level is   grossly lacking.  for example,  one year and 4    workers later my mizzenmast is almost  ready to re rig.  almost.   however the mast step is still  unfinished and electricals  still need to  be  relocated from  area of mizzenmast to a  realistic   placement of panel. the   engine work has been   procrastinated due to    supporting issues   relating to shaft tube and packing gland support  issues–yes that again…..some things do not  change but  morph into other issues is a boat, after all….and my   3 yr refit  seems  to need 5 more years or more…  sad   situation  for a   port with alleged   yards and workers. unfortunately the workers are  low skill and reflect badly on the   area  as a result..

yes we still looking for  relief and assistance in this project  from    the other side of town, where working ships are repaired, skillz are better and pricing not so delusional. …