wow–after some wonderful speedy and fun sail we began to encounter difficulties with fuel– dirt in filters cause no go …..after 5 times of this, we found the starter was n o longte rfunctional– it is totally fired–armature and bendix gone to toast–ouch- so am stuck in cedros until i have one a doze for making engine go– we had to sail in circles as the wind stopped half way down island– for 24 hours were sailing slowly in current in circles!!!! goo dthing ther ear eno rocke or any thing like that to kill boat in our way– only say 3 tugboats with barges coming at us in darkness— whew–so now we ar ein cedros awaiting starter—-hopefully i can get that done tomorrow and head out– lost a full day !! i thought was monday here– is tue!!!! and is mothers day here—so todo es cerrado….lol
trying to keep up with spot– i guess i didnt punch correct button — tried to send ok signal– guess i didnt figure that part out well enough– am punching track eery time i see it not sending— caugth 2 beautiful bonita– deeelishusss….. kat is ok– scared, but fine…..had to sell inflatable avon dink and engine in ensenada for only 300 dollars– eeps– gonna miss that so much — was my work platform…..