made it to mazatlan yesterday at sun up– found my friends  easily as the path to  port cpt lay at their feets and on my way.

we had awesome sailing— some becalmed and some with 60 kts of wind.. just a slight  fluky wind…LOL

yes, formosas ned a bit of a blow to move a few feet—- mine likes about 8 kts for  3 of  movement…..down hill with  the carpet shaken as we sail thru….. we were totally becalmed 2 times, and didnt wanna use diesel to  move out of it as we were very closely budgeted for this  trip.   i have many repairs yet to effect including the new ones of complete replacement of my decoraytive  wood rail int he stern  and  remove and replace  alternator bracket –we already replaced the starter with the appropriate one.  i do have a starter for anyone who wants to   buy it–needs a few repairs, but is good for some engines– came off a  red 4-107 westerbeke….. didnt work very long  on the  perkins 4-108, as it died just north of cedros–10 mi, juan lu says.  the sailing was great—- hi9gh winds as well as becalmed –all is  sailing and MUCH better than sitting at a desk or behind a puter for much time.

if i am in correct place at a  certain time whrn fshermen come in i can get free fish for my dinner–i shared a fillet of   dorado(mahi) with bubba last nite–HE WAS THRILLLED!!!!!  nothing like a happy boatkat!!


i understand one is able to live here on less than 100 dollars per month……. i will find that out this month….

thank you folks for ypur support– this adventure is only just beginning—after repairs are effected nd hurrycame season is done i will proceed to   more places and see mpre things–

pix of this adventure ar pending  wifi signal strength–is poor  lately.