was gifted a  bit of albacore and some mangos last nite– decided to make somehting out of it…..

took  3-4 small to med mangos and added 1 can thickish (thai) cconut milk and  some water to thin it with, just about 1-2 cups, and  added  enough  white onion slices to equal a small onion and added 3 garlic cloves sliced.   also sliced  a serrano i had dried, placed 4-5  small slices into this mix and cooked it until flavors were mixed well. then i added a pound and half of albacore and cooked until  just  cooked thru…. about 5 min.  wow!!!

add peanut butter–about 2 tsp, for  a different flavor,  can  use this with anything — fish, chicken and shellfish and shrimp–lol… what a magic  discovery!!