tomorrow at 0930-1000 comes to my boat a repair person who will do underwater work and my alternator bracket repair…will also help me get cat litter for bubby and some foods so he doesnt have anymore palpitations from low love level in his bucket into which i place his canned food(love, in his mined)– soon we willhead to marina mazatlan for hurrycame protection… if they will have us..LOL..we dont know the personnel or the criteria held for incoming boats– we do have insurance for a yr– in mm we can get our fm3 and receive incoming mailings.. we willalso get another fone as soon as possible and/or skype with a fone number–is only 2.x cents per minute for that feature–might as well use it!
is nice here— i hope i will be able to find crew formy adventures out of here–if not, me n bubby n simrad will have to go for it as a team…but is so much more funner with human aid and companionship….