so far, so good— bubba doesnt like always being on leash, but he isnt going anywhere from the boat this way–seems thre was a recent outbreak of what is known in usa as feline leukeimia among the ferals here and they were put down, so is good to keep bubby tethered for his health.
boat is happy in her slip–patricia belles slip, actually, and the flies and skeeters are and have done a great job on their new buffet treat–me–LOL….durng night time i am awakened by the merciless buzzing of my face—will definitely have to make screens for this boat!!!
still in process of installing -agin- my solar panels and tarping this boat for comfort and breezes… soon will be rain— at east that is what everyon eis hoping for–
will haul out in fall before i leave here for southern waters to replace my cutlass bearing and mebbe add some paint to bottom…. could use that…
still dealing with the efforts of alleged friends who rented my other boat sans permission and kept half the dough despite the boat not being his—- isnt friendly thing to do, but then some folks have a strange idea of what is a friend…
life is goood–too good to have to be reminded there are folks in htis world who are only after their own interests….
my momma is recovering well from a knee replacement–
has been a lovely summer so far—- should get hotter and moister before full hurrycame season sets in…. have a lot to do for topsides water removal…LOL..MORE TARPS!!!!
lookin got have made a pair of biminis for covering helm seat and companinway– dodger is not necessary as no water comes up in seas— so i will place bimini instead with a removable rain dodge for sliding hatch…somehow..LOL
hve a double layer tarping for kat to have some coolness–he is sooo hot here, but finds a cool spot under tarps for self to watch all around him… he is such a gooood kat.