for payday–lol— seems battery bank for house went dry between checkings– added distilled water– looking for acid to add– these are batteries i bought in march with 10 yr warantee from costco– ye know–aint a costco store in mazatlan!!! so i will add acid and stretch life, i hope– have solar charger on them as we sit here—praying to battery gods of sea…
the anchorage is filling slightly– a new boat joined us today–is a hans christian traditional. pretty.
our wind speed is spozed to be around 30 km tomorrow– just about right for going to a swap meet.
good thing payday is soon!!!!!! hooyaaahhh!
also– got rid of bad crew– a wanna be who only is able to brag about smuggling and doing drugs– no talents whatsoever that are usable while cruising under sail. is too bad some folks need to become bags of hot air to try to impress others. insecurity is an ugly disease.