having had one just take over my accounts, i can say that with justification and sincerity. there are 2 individuals i have in sight as to whom, coul d have been the problem–one being a felame who has stalked and bullied me online since 2008, dec, and the other named bob mclane who was a wannabe crew until his bvragging about smuggling drugs into and out of mexico made me dislike his psycho self so much i had to get rid of his noncompliant self. he didnt know how to understand simple instructions nor follow same. i should have watched bubba’s reaction closer — he didnt like the man and would not come into the house when he was inside m y boat. goooood kitty. now the psychocreep is sitting in yelapa, where he belongs, saying as how i was crazy-0-rofl….. he takes drugs for psych, and i am the nutcase.he also uses massive quantities of illegal substances…LOL. glad that loser is out of my life.
life is sooo goood without any cretins or creeps in it.