we are readying for departure from la cruz de huanacaxtle, nayarit, mexico , in favor of locations farther south–we will be aiming for zihuatenejo, with mebbe stops on the way, mebbe not-depends on the trip and weather and seas and boat….LOL boat–she is a repair hog–loves her attention. engine seems to be in decent shape , finally–had to many repairs and maintenance routines,  as per norm with boats–fix or dont float.
have found items wanted but not in affordable range while here–spare alternator, gift; antenna tuner(works) gift; propane tank(works)gift with accompanying gas bbq i dont use–also a gift. a 2 stroke generator puts out around 800 wtts..gift; water hose, white, 50 ft..gift; .lol…we fortunate folks on this boat. found at reasonable pricing–complete screen cover for a 46 ft sloop, to be made into some kind of cover for this ketch, material for new waterproof covers for this boat, new mizzen sail, inexpensive, and definitely a plus to have; found 3 bp solar panels and a 10 amp mppt controller for very little dough in mazatlan–marine swap meets rock!! so do folks selling boats and dispo-ing their old necessary items with little regard for small change….wow!!!

i was fortunate enough , here in la cruz, to  encounter someone with a spare  engine manual for perkins 4-108…yes is now mine….whew!!!!!!  pricey lil devil,  this book…

we appreciate everything we encounter and we thank our gods and guardian angels for the opportunities we enjoy.
life is an adventure meant to be LIVED!!!!
uh oh..now i gotta get back to organizing …..