seems owner of the halcyon isnt  acknowledging his  part in the loss of his   beautiful  formosa 51.  is too bad he had to sacrifice  that gorgeous boat to  storms  when  everyone KNOWS not to leave a boat in zihuat  for summer stormy season.   the  boat had been hit by 3  ts  invasions of  zihuat bay,  halcyon  broke loose during third and most serious hit.   owner states was cut lose-but he doesnt know what a breakaway looks like. he could have salvaged his own boat, but he CHOSE to leave mexico during storm season, as do many.

this event  only reinforced  in me the need to remain with boat  in any   country other than my own.  when you stay with your boat, you have a nice opportunity to save that boat. or to keep it safe.  folks do not realize how  easy it is to lose a boat in stormy situations in UNPROTECTED bays.