my helper has a steel sloop.he is anchored in a designated anchorage with many anchor lights. last night he was sleeping and felt what he described as an earthquake.
it woke him. he went into cockpit to see a large catamaran had hit his boat at 5 kts without stopping, and as accusing him of causing the incident–some drunks cant drive–go figger–and much damages have been done to the steel boat from a stainless cable strung across bows of catamaran –the cable destroyed everything in the cockpit. radar, wheel, gps, binnacle, compass–EVERYTHING.
today we will see what is able to be done about this hit and run event–the cat is anchored near the boat h destroyed–this should be interesting. we are in mexico–cat owner goes to jail–mebbe both  for a month until is sorted out–hopefully they dont jail my friend, as he was innocent of wrongdoing, sleeping in a bunk in a well lighted anchored boat.
steel boat owner is my crew for my trip south….could be interesting….i just hope his boat is repairable in short order and little cost to his own self–is a good thing he isnt injured.