i have some friends here in la cruz–some cruising friends. some of her friends came into town and she went to play. he stayed home, as he is a home body, kinda–lovely couple–awesome folks…
he called on radio at 2300 ish– couldnt reach her. he then called me. i answered and he asked for my presence on their boat. i went. his voice sounded strange.
i got there– entered boat–he was talking to me–found him down. on the cabin sole.
i prepared him for incoming strangers and called on radio emergency –he was alert and responsive and having evolving symptoms. except he had pain on the affected side–unusual for stroke.
he was transported to a vallarta hospital. i went to find his wife and advised her of her husbands illness and transport to XXX hospital. she went with her friends to the hospital.
she called me at 0430 when she returned to her home–her boat–and radioed me that he was in ct scan when the mds and techs saw and watched his aneyurysm go thru changes resulting in rupture–they fetched her and the two spent his last moments with each other.
i am very glad i listened to my inner feelings telling me to find her.
i promised her i will remain in la cruz until she is able to figger out what she is gonna do.. she has a lot to deal with now.

rip, friend-watch over your lady fair… she will need guidance from you.