fix  packing gland here or in mazatlan—threads are vanishing–it used to be threaded–now is kinda not anymore–we have 2  wraps only for tightening–oops–so a  sheath has been made to   contain the unit– and  affixed well….hose clamps rock–so we search for either a fab shop to make a bronze fitting, or we   find one  for waaay too much dough  —  in water vs out of water–if in water–i want someone  to   make sure the   bilge pumps   are in use well during the  escapade….

sail to  mazatlan   and fix out of water  vs  remaining here—-to haul and paint there isnt bad  money.   anchoring out  i can save the amount e very month i pay in rents in this marina, so i will be able to save for it–can get it done by  summer time—

research continues…..


btw–the wax isnt there anymore–is now a   bit of  yellow fender   made into  a sleeve  with hose clamps on to hold it together….i was riiiiiight……lol….