we met a crew potential….even agree with many ideas and team decent.
bubba only tried occasionally to shred him, but stopped after introductions were formalized. good kitty.
usually we get an amazing sensation  of fail after meeting new potential crew– this didnt leave that taste, but a different one i cannot identify.
would be fun to sail with this one, and we do get along and….
no, i aint rattin meself out, as folks might actually READ this stuff… rodlmffao.
and dont want to jinx anything.
is all in the whites iof the eyes, and when seen, and such….
in meantime, i wont hold breath, but continue towards my main goal–sailing a decent boat lol.. ye know this wasnt that when i started out.. is my work and hire out work that has made it this far, and the work to be done is still much.
but we gettin there.

btw–if the crew thing doesnt work out. we dont stop, but keep on keepin on.
it will just take a lil longer, but we still going.